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Girl Scout Badges, Boy Scout Badges Girl Scout Badges, Boy Scout Badges
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We offer both Boy and Girl Scout badges. Typically the badge takes two hours depending on the troop size. The first hour is a lecture/demonstration. Scouts see how to properly groom a horse and which grooming tools to use. We demonstrate how to saddle the horse correctly and each student has the opportunity to saddle the horse him/herself. We compare the differences between the English and Western tack. Basic parts of horse and tack are taught to the students as well as information about the different breeds, feeds, health care and shoeing of horses. Careers with horses are discussed giving scouts the opportunity to ask questions and gain further knowledge.

During the second hour, scouts are given a riding lesson. Each scout has his/her own horse for the hour. Proper position and balance of the rider, through the use of balance exercises, as well as steering of the horse is taught. We end the badge work with a short trail ride. Cost per scout is $40.00

Badges offered:    

Horse Fan Badge
Horse Rider Badge
Horse Sense Badge
Boy Scout Merit Badge
Equestrian Venturing Ranger Award
Brownie Girl Scout Pony Fun

Girl Scout Badges, Boy Scout Badges

  Girl Scout Badges, Boy Scout Badges  
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